1. Complete the “101 Membership Class” @ THE MET and be a member for at least 3 months or provide verification of previous youth ministry experience.
  2. Become an active member of an adult small group.
  3. Grow and mature your relationship with God through quiet times, active attendance at church, and involvement in discipleship relationships.
  4. Commit to serving at least 1 full school year.
  5. Attend all mandatory volunteer meetings.
  6. Be on time to programs you are committing to.
  7. Maintain a lifestyle that is both Godly and above reproach, knowing that your lifestyle is a model for students.
  8. Commit to completing 201/301 training within 90 days of start date, provided by THE MET once a month or a small group coach.
  9. Commit to attending on going small group leader trainings (401,402,403,404) provided by THE MET twice a year.
  10. Complete volunteer application.
  11. Pass background check.
  12. Complete child safety training video.
  13. Complete Interview with student ministry personnel.